Your customers can be characters in your brand


Recognize that things are not always easy by showing your own challenges and failures. A journey of learning — such as the implementation of a new costing system — where skills and know-how need to be built up on an incremental basis, is like when you first start playing with toy building bricks. Before paper and computers, knowledge and information travelled mostly in the form of stories told orally and over half of human conversations occur through storytelling so it's a natural part of our thinking and communicating. A deeper emotional connection gives a story legs.

Your customers can be characters in your brand. Or did you do something to make a dream come true? People like to be a part of stories. Share what's important with your employees and explain what this means for them.

Even though we've heard the story many times before, we laugh at the same funny bits, shudder at the same scary scene, and relish the heroine's triumph when it all works out OK in the end. Your story helps readers understand what drives you, who you are, and why you are the person to help them. Ensure that you're making the story relatable to the audience by using real-life situations as this makes it easier to see why your goods will add value to their lives. This has been highlighted in the Global Empathy Index (2015) where the businesses near the top of the list were amongst the most profitable and fastest growing businesses in the world.

Human beings use narrative to make sense of the world around us. We simply remember stories better than we do other types of information.
Either way, be bold in your telling! A business may be selling something that is better than its competitors but decision-making is more emotional than logical so telling a story can help distinguish your company from competitors.
Sustain the audience's interest with confidence. We’ll see more brands and companies getting real and vulnerable, and that’s a great thing!

When a character has an epiphany in your story, your customers will experience that same epiphany right alongside them, which is why stories are the ultimate tool for transferring values and beliefs. You may think business is all about the numbers, but experts say today, more than ever, it’s about “story.” In a world swimming in noise and content, it’s all the more crucial that brands and their messages resonate and stick in the minds of people - this is achievable by storytelling for business.