How Long Should Your Content Be?

How long should a blog post be for maximum SEO? What is the optimal blog post length for SEO? How many words should you write in a blog post so that it gets better rankings?

One of the more common questions is what length is best for website copy. Is an 800-word article likely to get better rankings than a 300-word blog post? 

The answer is simple, it all depends on the information you are trying to convey.

If every article on your site is exactly the same length, it starts to look rather cookie cutter. Most successful sites use a variety of content lengths. Look at how much information you have to convey and decide what an appropriate length would be.

That being said, a minimum of 300 words is best in order to give Google’s robots something to sink their teeth into. While longer content seems to rank better, it is not always appropriate for every niche.

More words mean more keywords and this makes it easier for Google to rank your pages
appropriately, so consider this when working on your content.

Overall, the amount of promotion and the number of backlinks to your pages
is what will determine their ranking. According to a leading SEO agency, while content length does matter to some extent, a well optimized, 400-word blog post with multiple backlinks will rank better than a rambling 2,000-word article without any optimization.

Since quality matters, it’s usually a good idea to stick to an article that is long
enough to cover the information, rather than repeating the same thing over
and over. The same goes for videos.